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We Speak Games is the UK's first conference dedicated to Voice in Gaming





Voice control is already mass market and it's coming to mainstream gaming soon.


Talking to game characters and hearing their responses will take gameplay to a whole new level - beyond just 'controlling' a game.


Voice is accessible and natural; it doesn’t require eyes on screen or hands-on controllers, and it's powerfully linked to emotion. It has the potential to bring new players to games, help players get more out of games, and create deeper engagement.





Imagine speaking naturally with non-player characters (NPCs) to interact and make progress within the game world.


This is more than just voice control - it's working with NPCs and using conversation to negotiate with them, solve puzzles, form strategies and overcome challenges.

Seamlessly integrated with pre-written dialog and traditional gameplay, conversational AI will revolutionise how players interact with game narrative.





Learn how developers are making artificially intelligent conversations that can imitate real-life human interactions, recognise words and translate them into meaning (Natural Language Understanding).

The more players interact with game characters, the more the game engine knows about the user; adjusting the behaviour of NPCs, taking actions on the player's behalf, and providing context-aware responses/prompts for the next action (Natural Language Generation).



We're already seeing successful crossover with interactive video games and audiobooks in the indie games market - particularly voice games that are story-led.

Soon we expect to see artificially intelligent NPCs who offer more human-like engagement and conversations, and AI 'assists' who will increase player ability and reduce game friction.

Conversational gameplay also offers more accessible gaming experiences, by supplementing control for players of all abilities.

Join Us in Bristol UK or Online

27 Sept 2022, 14:00 – 19:00 BST
Origin Workspace Bristol,
40 Berkeley Square, Bristol BS8 1HP, UK

and Live Streaming Online

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